Specifically we provide the following services

Critical business intelligence gathered on the ground by experts who hold top level U.S. security clearances and maintain non-disclosure discretionary practices.

​Identification of project funds available through either U.S. agencies or host nation governments. Identification of and contact with key international personnel with the authority and funding for client project(s).

Risk Management encompassing all phases and project contingencies.

Vetting process to ensures due diligence and critical coordination among stakeholders and foreign government entities.

Project and Program managers work with senior executives in supplying a framework for all international business transactions while our partners develop expert multilateral approaches to complex international business challenges.  Solution sets are legally vetted, targeted to negotiations, innovative, and account for primary, secondary and tertiary effects.

Poised with this knowledge, our team can assist clients through all phases of international business growth. We offer development of robust business plans, proposal assistance, including translation services and legal consulting, contract negotiations assistance and ongoing contract consulting services, all at the customers’ requests.

Business Development

Loquitius’ international experts are intimately familiar with the challenges facing U.S. companies attempting to enter the international market either directly through host nation governments or indirectly through US agencies.


Loquitius maintains daily contact with an active network of trusted, vetted surrogates spanning the business community, government and former government officials and law firms specializing in international business matters throughout Latin America.

Our VP for Latin American Operations has twenty plus years of experience in dealing with law enforcement, legal, military and government officials in Mexico and can provide proven rapid problem solving in the most complex situations.

Loquitius provides US company’s expert legal and operational advice on avoiding international legal issues and costly legal complications. We ensure our clients are fully aware of and abide by various US rules and regulations involving overseas businesses.   

Loquitius and our partners have completed sensitive projects in Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Dominic Republic, Columbia and Peru.